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                ICGEB Accepted 20,000 Protective Face Masks Donation from Chinese Partners

                Source: International Union for Science and Technology Communication| 2020-05-18 13:46:55| Author: ICGEB

                The picture shows thatDr. Lawrance Banks(L) is distributing protective masks from China to the localhealth authorities in Trieste, Italy.

                The International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) is collaborating on many fronts with its partners in China, and in particular, with  China Medical City (CMC), Taizhou, location of the ICGEB Regional Research Centre, and the China National Center for Biotechnology Development (CNCBD), the branch of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology that is responsible for ICGEB in Beijing, China.

                Dr. Lawrence Banks, ICGEB Director-General said:"In a wonderful show of international solidarity, medical equipment including 20,000 protective face masks, have been donated from our friends and colleagues in China, and were delivered to the ICGEB Trieste on 23 April 2020. ICGEB has liaised with the Italian Regional Health Authority to ensure distribution of the masks to local health authorities."

                The ICGEB in Trieste, Italy has received a consignment of protective masks from its Chinese partners in Beijing and Taizhou.


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